Authors and Administrators

Paolo Calalang
“You can do it.”

Learning is opium to him. Stories are the sweet aroma to his existence; one that tranquilizes a beast and chants melodies. As for him, listening is a tool; a means by which he learns the value of wisdom shared as a group and within a unit.His youthful composure exudes joy among his affiliates.With his kindness, strength, and trust, working seems quite an easy piece. If writing for you is synonymous with happiness, then your happiness, for Paolo, is entitled to success.


Alex Garbo
Managing Editor
“Just keep writing.”

He is a writer by heart from birth to 23. To write everything under the sun is in his pantry where he eats, sleeps, and breathes stories and poetries, from fantasies to realities, to the ends of all the possibilities. Whenever stressed, stressing people around with his childish demeanor de-stresses him. He’s a gamer, but not a player in real life. The learning acumen is crowned to him, as he started loving to echo stories to and about other people and share perspectives in an intellectual manner. Alex stands between his introvert and extrovert self. But he’s nice, nicer than you thought if you see him by eyes.


Ellah Palacios
Account Manager
“Never underestimate me.”

Her every day is the epitome of “make-up is life,” as demure as a dove, but as sharp as a knife. She lives with art through the rounding surface of her heart. And, with her love for aesthetic adroitness, she walks through the valley of her fate with perseverance to end a start. You can’t help but sing, “Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader,” whenever she’s just around the corner. Her humility is as high as an Arabian basket toss, but her arrogance is as low as a beginner’s straddle. Ellah’s asset is her radiating smile; through ups and downs, nothing can beat hers even overall frowns—crowning her as our very own “Lumos Maxima.”


Gauden Reyes
Senior Features Writer
“More/less than words.”

His heart speaks love for music, arts, and letters. He is friends with poetries and other aesthetic scribbles as his imagination creatively squiggles. A life is a long song he sings, and a fervent aria serenading broken souls; lending a hand to derail minds from grody fantasy to reality, from a nightmare to worth reminiscing reverie. His childish and curious self makes him suspire through stories to and about other people, wanting to learn the art of sanity. Gauden is a man of faith in Creator and humanity; an archetype of doubt turned into certainty.


Marielle Amada
Senior Features Writer
“Keep moving forward.”

She’s a chic head-turner, slaying her very days with her off-shoulders. The camera is her hero, but writing is her savior. The idea-producing machine is her heart; breaking all walls and hindering the deceitful flow of the light through the curved lashes on her eyes, to clearly see all the possibilities of being true and beyond. That makes her eyes like of a tiger; as resolving as of a fighter. She’s an extroverted wallflower with a buoyant soul, sound spirit, and specially crafted peculiarity. Marielle writes, taming the dark skies to divulge the stars, the somber days to euphoric hours, and the inevitable hatred to freckly healed scars.


Alvin Dela Rosa
Senior Graphic Designer
“Have a break; have a coffee.”

He construed the “follow your heart’s desire” in his own life by leaving science to pursue arts. As a man of modesty and nobleness, his nature brought progress to his undiscovered skills and talents. He is so in love with the world, wanting to sojourn every place and appreciate its gracious beauty. Amid all less and more, or through all the shadows of a color palette, his passion gives life to all the patterns he makes, bearing a piece of his heart for heaven’s sake. Alvin is the king of artistry, forming every idea into reality.


Renzo Marilla
Senior Features Writer
“All is swell.”

His passion for aesthetics makes him alive; might be through pictures or letters, for which he strives. To meander every corner of all creations is where he indulges himself in; comprehending unfathomable wonders of how every heartbeat of every crossroads, latitudes and longitudes, grids and junction, creates life to the very cells of all beings. He is a man of wanders and wonders, considering every travel as a lifeline, and every place as home. Renzo got a good case of wanderlust, with curiosity and irresistible desire, he travels to understand one’s existence, as their very own presence.