“I love writing.”

Of course, anybody can say they love writing, but being affiliated with The Philippine Catalog will validate your passion for such art. TPC will further affirm that love of yours by recognizing your talent and skill in working wonders using words.

“I’m a blogger.”

You can now tell everyone, you being confidently beautiful with a heart, that you’re a legit blogger! Your excellent write-ups won’t just stay wandering around various social media accounts unnoticed; neither would we let your skill remain dormant. The Philippine Catalog will take care of your gift and we can even help hone it.

“I can attend events for free—as a VIP!”

If you love parties, concerts, clubs, bars, food, and more, then TPC would be a great partner for you! The Philippine Catalog can let you experience lots of grand and exclusive social events for free as a VIP! Yup, you heard it right. All you need to do is work on your pad, squeeze those creative juices and pen some good stories to tell.

“Freebies are the norm.”

This is a plus that shouldn’t be set aside! Since your stories may feature a brand review of client’s products and services, they will pour you freebies and other exciting stuff. Imagine, brands would let you experience their products and services for free, not to mention the other gifts that your work may give you! Isn’t that great?

“I always learn.”

The Philippine Catalog won’t just let you write in solitude—we will all write together! Of course, we train and educate our writers in the most comfortable, relevant, and effective way, depending on their skill level, personality, and preferred working environment.

“More social life, more fun!”

You may now have the opportunity to say “Hi” to various people, including prominent personalities you might encounter during events, face-to-face! You can now depart from constantly stalking your most admired personas for you, and may get the chance to work with them personally. You may also meet a community of writers and different bloggers, build more connections, increase your network, and gain more friends!

“Hello, Philippines! Hello, world!”

Your blogs won’t just be left in the dark, unrecognized and disregarded. Well, TPC is a great venue for your talent to be acknowledged by the whole country, or it might even be—if you do it well—appreciated by the whole world!

“It’s so fun!”

The Philippine Catalog wishes you to live your life with fun. The new family you may have, your new found friends, new life experiences, the freebies, the VIP passes and all, those are just a plus. TPC would want you to feel as if you aren’t working; it is their goal to allow you enjoy on top of everything.