Things To Do Before You Graduate


Heads up!

Graduation is already on its way and we are all excited and have been waiting for this day.  But before that, check out these things that you and your friends might want to do to make your remaining school days fun and memorable before you leave your Alma mater.

  1. Plan overnights.

Either in one of your friends’ houses, you can plan to spend a night together. You can do movie marathon and food trips. Late night talks can be fun too, reminiscing the things that you guys did together during those fun days in school.

  1. Eat out with friends.

Go out and eat with your friends. It can be somewhere that you guys have never tried before. Try new restaurants or food parks nearby. You guys can share money and order for the whole squad. You can never go wrong with food especially along with your friends.

  1. Play card or board games.

This is one of the exciting games you can play with your friends. The one who loses would do a dare. So ready your cards and gather around; let those crazy dares on your mind out.

  1. Sing along.

In a circle of friends, there will always be one that knows how to play a guitar or any other musical instrument. Singing and jamming  can relieve stress and strengthen a relationship which in turn becomes good memories. Pick a song that all of you know and sing all together, or sing one by one and make lively mash-up tunes. Don’t be shy if you feel you’re not good at singing. You’ll never know maybe you’re a better singer than one of them.

  1. Do outdoor activities.

Go out and do outdoor activities with your friends. You can plan to go hiking and enjoy the beautiful view of the nature when you reach the top of the mountain. Take memorable photos on the place together with your friends.

  1. DIY party.

Parties can’t only be on holidays, birthdays, or even on other occasions, you can be creative and set up your own DIY party anytime. But this time, as graduation is fast-approaching, your gang can pre-celebrate it at home or rent a private resort, so you guys can relax and freshen up yourselves after the party. Help each other in preparing for the DIY party to enjoy more time together.

Be adventurous with your friends and make memories that you can bring until you get old. Make the most out of your time before adulting comes your way.