The viral ‘Zumba Guy’ turns into a ‘Zumba Guru’

photo courtesy of Tristan Cheng's Facebook account

The Zumba guy is back; but this time, he’s the one teaching the class!

Tristan Cheng—the man who is crowned as the “Zumba King”—has won the heart of the netizens because of his entertaining and funny video posted on his own Facebook account, crazily dancing in a Zumba class in a mall. And now, after a week, here is the other video posted on his account showing that he’s back to Zumba class at the same mall, but this time, he’s the one onstage, leading the “titas” (aunties) to their fitness program session.

When you take Zumba to the NEXT LEVEL. WAIT FOR IT.?UPDATE: Abangan next Sunday Oct. 22 kung para saan to mga Ka-❤️ #ZumbaKing

Tristan Cheng 发布于 2017年10月10日

The video caption, which reads “when you take Zumba to the next level,” is manifested in his energy as he led the class to groove on Abba’s hit in the 70s, Dancing Queen, through a Zumba routine. Though with more decent moves, the intensity of Tristan’s enthusiasm to dance goes the same with the first video he posted.

And after more than just a day prior to posting, the video has gathered lauding reviews: 59K views, 2.6K likes and reactions, 500 shares, and 399 comments.